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GE ~ Good Ending 47

August 22, 2010 1 comment
[scanlation by iMangaScans]

Excellent color pages. The swimsuits are not overly gratuitous, and the coloring is fantastic.

The exchange between Oonuma and Izumi is some excellent humor.

It's okay, being short builds character

Seiji is actually confronting Yuki about trying to set him up with Shou. Good. Stand up for yourself, Seiji, and maybe she’ll follow suit.

Eri has cemented herself as my favorite character in the series. She’s funny, straightforward, reliable, and a great friend… so of course, she isn’t a love interest.

Excellent observation by Izumi. This is a great chapter for him, out of nowhere.


Even Eri’s reactions are excellent.

How to explain this to the doctor...

Finally, a moment alone for Yuki and Seiji. It seems she took care of him, too. Excellent ending to a much improved chapter… even if Seiji looks thoroughly ridiculous on the last page.

Which is worse: His face or his arm?

Final Flash: It doesn’t make up for recent developments, but this chapter was just enjoyable, which is a welcome and overdue relief.