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GE ~ Good Ending 49

September 4, 2010 Leave a comment
[scanlation by iMangaScans]

Actually, Seiji, “Please don’t meet with Touru” is exactly the worst possible thing you could say.

Eri’s crudely-drawn map would have been much funnier without her facial expression and self-deprecating gesture. Your audience isn’t stupid, Sasuga; we get that the map is bad.

The first people that Seiji finds who know Yuki immediately launch into a lengthy flashback about Touru. That’s both depressing and unrealistic. I understand cultural differences between societies, but is it at all realistic for complete strangers to go into lengthy detail about a common friend’s personal life?

Yuki’s mom is certainly excited to see her daughter’s friends. She seems not to have much contact with Yuki.

Were the speed lines necessary?

A heartwarming reunion between Seiji and Yuki (and friends) is overshadowed by the arrival of Touru. Worse still, his friend reveals that Touru attends school in the same city where everyone lives. So much for positive, uplifting progress; surely, drama is imminent.

Final Flash: The brevity of the trip to Yuki’s house is appreciated, but this chapter had both too much angst and too much setup for future angst.