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Hayate no Gotoku! 266

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Bikini-clad girls splashing around in the sea. Quite a sharp difference from the last few chapters.

Hina found out, which will surely lead to her not giving up on Hayate. Hina fans, rejoice.

Sand Gundam! Working our way back towards familiar comedy, I see.

Good, I was wondering if Athena and Nagi would ever meet. That’s a pretty spread, too. If colored, it would make for an excellent wallpaper.

“I’ll return that for today.” Great layered conversation going on.

She’s returning after all? That might work out for the best. The rejection saves the harem comedy style, but she can just join the harem now.

Poor Klaus.

What a cute and interesting last page. If this is a new storyline, let’s hope for more Genshiken than Comic Party.

Final Flash: This concludes Hayate‘s first major serious arc. Overall, considering the existing style and perception of the series: Extremely well done.