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History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 384

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Cover page: … oh boy.

These guys! They’re pretty fun. Hermit’s there, too.

Nice to see Hermit socializing a little, even if it’s technically with the enemy. These enemies are a special case.

P9: Toriko is supposed to be the series that makes me hungry. What are you doing to me, Kenichi?

P12, top-right panel: “Don’t worry, he won’t hurt them.” Brilliant line.

Pages 13 and 14: Wow. I know the Elder is strong, but I thought Kenichi was trying to maintain some semblance of realism. Clearly, this series takes martial arts concepts to ridiculous extremes, but it does so with the pretense of being grounded in some realism. Garyuu X basically performing a Hadoken opens up new doors for just how incredibly strong the Elder is.

Even more confirmation of Kenichi vs. Tirawit Kokin and Apachai vs. Agaard Jum Sai. Excellent.

Final Flash: It’s always fun to see the Elder give us a glimpse of his insane strength.