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History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 387

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It seems this chapter may be exempt from the new, image-heavier review method, given Matsuena’s apparent desire to flaunt Shigure’s nipples at every opportunity.

Well, she had the decency to put on a jacket. Something tells me that won’t help much with the nudity.

The Knight somehow managed to pierce only the chain mail covering one of Shigure’s nipples. This is rather embarrassing fanservice.

Shigure is standing on the seat her motorcycle while it’s doing a wheelie on the front wheel. The fanservice may be plentiful, but so is the excellent action.

There goes the rest of the chain mail. Completely exposed breasts in a shonen magazine. The definition changes with the times, I suppose.

P14: You never attacked my mouse? That’s just a silly line.

Time will tell if this surrender is honorable or just a ploy.

Final Flash: The proportion of fanservice to action was way off. This began as a hugely promising fight, but (assuming it’s truly over) never fully satisfied.