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Hunter x Hunter 309

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Pouf may have unknowingly triggered some more memories in the King.

Regarding the entire concept of Pouf trying to hide the girl: I’m expecting the King to find her, obviously, and I’m slightly worried that this storyline could be Togashi’s way out of the corner he’s in right now, with the King overwhelmingly more powerful than everyone else. If he finds the girl and decides he shouldn’t fight, or becomes weak, or anything of that nature, I’ll be disappointed.

This game is just another way to stretch for time, which is completely unwanted right now. Let’s get the King fighting someone already.

Too much internal monologue from Palm. This isn’t Death Note.

Ikarugo and Werefin end the chapter? Does Togashi hate his own main characters or something?

Final Flash: Dull, wordy, and a general waste of time.