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Hunter x Hunter 310

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Well, here we are. The last chapter before yet another hiatus. Speaking of which, if you haven’t already done so, check out this latest article regarding HxH and its extensive history with hiatuses.

It would be quite an interesting twist if the masses actually began to move.

P3: Great to see Gon legitimized like this. Hopefully (whenever the hell HxH returns) Gon still has something left in him to challenge the King.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad Werefin (Welfin? the scans are inconsistent) has regained his humanity thanks to Ikarugo. It’s just that I’d much prefer to see progression in other characters… as in, most any characters other than these.

Yupi was taken out that easily? That’s ridiculous. How strong is Werefin?

Oh wow, this is a hell of a last chapter before a hiatus. The King regains his most important lost memory, Yupi is taken out, Pouf has to tell the truth, and everyone’s starting to find out about Pitou?

Final Flash: What a horrible cliffhanger to end on. See you in… months?