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Another New Shueisha Magazine – Shonen Jump Next

Hot on the heels of news regarding Jump SQ.19 comes word that Shueisha is launching yet another magazine. Entitled Shonen Jump Next, this even-newer magazine will be a quarterly release in the style of another of their existing magazines, Akamaru Jump. Like Akamaru, Shonen Jump Next will primarily serve as a launching pad for young artists hoping to establish themselves before being serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump or another Shueisha property.

Shonen Jump Next launches April 30 with several oneshots, some from notable mangaka:

Matsui Yuusei (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro)
Kawashita Mizuki (Ichigo 100%, Hatsukoi Limited, Ane Doki)
Amano Youichi (Akaboshi – Ibun Suikoden)
Wajima Satoshi (Wasshoi! Waji Mania)

The debut issue will also feature a poster of the Bakuman anime, a special Nurarihyon no Mago chapter (featuring color page), eight short histories about current Weekly Shonen Jump series, and nine oneshots from young authors.

Credit: News-Paradise

Jump SQ.19 – New Shueisha Magazine

April 8, 2010 2 comments

Shueisha, publisher of Weekly Shonen Jump, is set to launch a new magazine entitled Jump SQ. 19. Presumably targeting a similar demographic as another of Shueisha magazine, Jump SQ, JS19 features a fairly impressive lineup of mangaka for its debut. The more notable series and respective authors include:

Kekkai Sensou, Yasuhiro Nightow (Trigun, Gungrave)
Teichi no Kuni, Usamaru Furuya (Genkaku Picasso)
Agrippa, Uchimizu Tohru (Kain, Asklepios)
Wakaki Utsumaru no Nayami, Honemaru Mikami (Tsumikabatsu)
Himasupe Usagi, Yuuki Nakashima (Kirihoushi, Element Hunters)

Issue 1 will also feature an as yet untitled series by Miki Miyashita (Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou), a spin-off of Mayoi Neko Overrun! by Kentaro Yabuki (Black Cat, To LOVE-Ru), one-shots by Kawashita Mizuki (Ichigo 100%, Hatsukoi Limited, Ane Doki) and Yamato Yamamoto (artist of Kure-nai), and assorted other works by lesser known authors.

The first issue will hit Japanese newsstands May 19. Its subsequent release schedule is thus far undetermined.

Jump SQ.19 Official Website

Credit: News-Paradise (plus followup article)

Ane Doki to End

January 11, 2010 1 comment

Early reports indicate that Kawashita Mizuki’s Ane Doki, which began running in July 2009, is set to end in Shonen Jump Issue #07 (1/18). Kawashita is best known for her previous work, Ichigo 100%, which ran from 2002 to 2005 and received several anime adaptations, and Hatsukoi Limited (2007-2008), which received an anime adaptation last year.

Ane Doki has struggled in Shonen Jump’s table of contents, which ranks most series according to reader feedback. However, the first volume release has fared well, selling nearly 100,000 copies and placing in the top 20 of the Weekly Oricon Comic Rankings in its first two weeks.

The news is disappointing, primarily because Shonen Jump is now left without a romance series. Also, while the cancellation of Ane Doki is not a surprise, it is frustrating because of the magazine’s stance on Kuroko no Basket. The latter’s unremarkable sales and table of contents placement have cemented its below-average reputation among fans, but it has received continued support as it is the only sports series in the magazine. That Ane Doki wasn’t given similar treatment, or at least some more time to further establish its story and volume sales, is unfortunate.

Credit: Raw Paradise, Oricon