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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 284

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Shitt-P Shitt-P Shitt-P Shitt-P Shitt-P Shitt-P Shitt-P okay it’s out of my system. Let’s hope there’s something else to talk about.

Someone who looks much older than they are who’s conflicted about playing a sport? Your new name is Musashi.

A boxer, too? I understand making opposing characters similar, but this is getting ridiculous… unless these new characters aren’t opponents, but people sent by the mafia to substitute for the Vongola family in their everyday school life, so the Vongola can go run the mafia. Now that would be more interesting.

“Gokudera’s shown interest in Shitt-P.” Damn, that’s a terrible fight. Why does Gokudera get stuck with lame fights?

Whoa. Bottom-left panel, page 11. Hello, fanservice character. I hadn’t quite noticed exactly how endowed Adelheid was.

Lambo! That was something criminally wrong with the Future arc: Not enough Lambo.

Final Flash: We get the point – these students have some significance relating to the Vongola. We don’t need any more hints and setup. This is already better than the Future arc, but let’s get moving.