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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 295

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Great detail on the castle.

It’s been different for some time now, but it’s still hard to believe just how much Amano’s art style has changed. Compare a scene in this chapter with one from chapter 22. (Click to enlarge.)

Chapter 295

Chapter 22

Naito Longchamp hasn’t been around for at least a couple hundred chapters. Nice to see Amano hasn’t forgotten her minor characters.

Speaking of the art, the major flaw of Amano’s current style is that, at times, the details can devolve. It doesn’t get quite as sketch-like as Hunter x Hunter, but it’s still inconsistent.

Example of loose artwork

Amusing scene between Dino, Squalo, and Tsuna.

The rest of the chapter is just the assembling of the main cast for the pivotal moment during the ceremony.

Nice final spread.

Final Flash: Some nice character reappearances, but almost entirely a setup chapter.