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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 296

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Attack in progress at the inheritance ceremony.

It’s a little tiresome to constantly read attack and ability names in Italian (not that there’s anything wrong with the Italian language). That said, unlike Spanish in Bleach, at least there’s a legitimate reason behind the Italian in Reborn.

Edutainment at its finest

The Ninth predicted all of this, naturally. Hopefully, he will have the chance to show off a little bit before stepping out of the way for Tsuna.

These enemies sure are comprehensive. They saw through the ruse quite easily. If only we didn’t know who they are.

Some kind of disassembling or perhaps gravity-based power is shown to be used on a pistol. That could prove to be great if used in an interesting fashion.

Unusual attack

No surprise here. In entirely straightforward fashion, the Shimon family is revealed as the enemy.

Really worrying transformation in Enma. Overly suave, serious characters ruined the series in the future arc. The author must try to keep this as lighthearted as is reasonably possible.

Looking good. -Too- good.

Final Flash: No prizes awarded for guessing the identity of the enemy. Pity Akira didn’t decide to swerve the audience a little.