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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 297

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This is all a direct result of the future arc. That’s rather fitting, actually. Bad begets bad.

Is now really the time to choose an angle to show off Adelheid’s chest?

Poor timing

This Shimon/Vongola backstory is obviously wrong.  Suddenly, the silly and out-of-place scene of Lambo knocking Enma’s letter into the trash can makes some kind of sense; it was likely a similar kind of accident that prevented Vongola Primo from helping the Shimon family. That doesn’t make the Lambo/letter scene any more acceptable, nor does that plot resolution stand on its own as acceptable either, since that would draw yet another needless parallel between Tsuna and Vongola Primo.

It’s completely impossible to look badass and menacing with these two in your group:

Standing out for all the wrong reasons

Final Flash: Predictable backstory, predictable antagonizing speech, predictable showdown.