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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 302

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Enjoy an active lifestyle. Sail.

As if the constant comparisons being drawn between Tsuna and Vongola Primo weren’t already enough, evidently they look exactly the same. This is beyond ridiculous. For a protagonist to have one or two similarities to a canonically strong historical figure is fine; for every single aspect of the protagonist and his group to be identical to said figure is horrible writing.

Has Amano mentioned Vongola Primo yet?

The Ninth’s subordinates don’t want Tsuna and his group to fight against Shimon alone, because Shimon demolished them mere chapters ago, but the Ninth holds firm because he “knew it in his heart.” I’m sorry, I must be confusing this with a series about the mafia.

The next time I want to hide something, I’m covering it in papier-mâché pictures of the surroundings. What a brilliant plan.

Are you kidding me with Adelheid’s breasts here? That’s Eiken-level insulting. Pathetic.

I’m pretty certain that Vongola and Shimon were going to fight already. I fail to see the necessity of Vindice showing up to spur them on to fight.

Final Flash: The boredom is compounded by the week. I miss old Reborn!.