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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 303

[scanlation by I Eat Manga]

Even if Tsuna’s new Hot Topic-inspired, jewelry-laden gloves look tacky as hell, that’s still a pretty nice color cover page.

They’re fighting for pride. That’s as high as they’re aiming here. Pride. Let’s get this over with, then.

I have lost any respect I had left for Amano Akira thanks to Adelheid’s chest. How completely ridiculous.

I miss when Lambo was an important character. When he was one of the main focuses of the series, the series was so much more fun.

Horribly underutilized

Ryohei’s opponent can manipulate plants, and yet they’re going to have a boxing match. I mean, if you’re going to take the time to come up with new abilities for your characters, you might as well have the characters use them.

Final Flash: Dull, uninspired, aimless… and this is just the beginning of the fights in this arc. Oh boy.