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Kekkaishi 300

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300 chapters. I’d imagine we’re closer to the end of the series than the beginning, but I’d be perfectly happy reaching 400 or even 500+ chapters. Kekkaishi has managed to be engaging and fresh for its entire duration to date, and is in the minority of series that are equally good to marathon and read weekly. With the series coming to Adult Swim this summer, I hope it will become more recognized in America.

Having a bit of a difficult time following what the founder is doing.

Center-left panel, p9: Very reminiscent of Sven Vollfied’s 3-koma in Jump! Ultimate Stars.

The Lord! Anything involving him is fantastic.

Page 16 is so nice.

Finally, time for Yoshimori to get to the more exciting stuff.

Final Flash: The conversation in the first part of the chapter won’t make much sense until later. Like Mago chapter 100, it doesn’t feel particularly like a milestone chapter, but it was still good.