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Kimi no Iru Machi 94

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Ah, the Beef Stroganoff Trap. The deadliest of traps.

Kazama, like any reasonable person, is rightfully incredulous that Haruto actually made food for his love rival.

P8, top panel: Very hungry now.

There sure has been a considerable focus on Eba disliking tomatoes. I realize it’s a cute way to show Haruto knows Eba well, but it shouldn’t be the only example.

As if it wasn’t already awkward enough that a dying man is having dinner made by his love rival, both in the presence of the girl they love, the dying man just now finds out that his girl used to live with the love rival? Redefining awkward, this.

Haruto might be taking his new, happy approach a little too far at times, but it’s still a tremendous improvement in comparison to the angst earlier this year.

Finally, a crack in Eba’s cold facade. We’re getting somewhere.

Final Flash: Awkward yet cheerful chapter. I’m actually excited for progress again. Pity there’s no chapter next week.