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Kimi no Iru Machi 98

[scanlation by Red Hawk Scanlations]

Nagoshi is terribly cute in the way she’s completely misunderstanding all of this. Again, it’s such a pity she wasn’t around earlier to be part of the “real” possibilities.

More series should have "big failure" signs

Eba was smiling last chapter because she was talking about Haruto! That’s some fantastic progress.

Excellent two page spread of Kazama announcing his intention to have  the surgery.

This is setting up brilliantly well. My main concern in the entire Tokyo trip has been that Haruto could potentially end up with Eba again without actually “winning her back,” which would completely demean Haruto (and, by association, the entire story).

Final Flash: This chapter is hugely reassuring for the future of the series.