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Mahou Sensei Negima! 284

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Luna, officially part of the harem. Welcome aboard.

Damn, Asuna. You old.

Are we sure it’s “Gatou” and not “Gâteau?” I could go for the latter.

Seriously, it’s good that Asuna is finally remembering the past. Unlike Hayate, where the recent serious arc (while very good) had to keep itself in check somewhat because of its overall genre, Negima has successfully bridged the gap from harem comedy to fantasy action. More Asuna drama, please.

I was hoping for a little more depth out of Fate. (I am fully aware of the comedy in that statement.) ‘People are going to die so I’ll kill them myself’ is pretty tired at this point.

Wait, was everyone being an illusion not already revealed several times? Maybe not explicitly, but I think every reader knew that by now.

Final Flash: Good to see Asuna again, and even better to see that we’re seemingly heading toward the final showdown.