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Naruto 494

Was not looking forward to this flashback at all, so entering with low expectations.

Just as expected: halfway through the chapter, and this has all felt pointless. We already know how tailed beasts ruin kids’ lives. We saw that whole flashback with the title character of the series. Speaking of which, can we go back to him already?

There he is, brooding over the awful truth of this world: That everyone hates you until you save their asses multiple times.

The squid moment elicited a half-smile from me, but I can’t help but feel like this isn’t the time for humor.

Really don’t care at all about Motoi.

And Motoi’s issues with Bee are resolved? How? Was Bee listening the whole time? This doesn’t make sense. You can’t use the audience to convey plot from character to character.

Final Flash: Unnecessary flashback featuring an uninteresting character.