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Naruto 497

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For all this series’ missteps over the last couple years, the Naruto vs. Kyuubi cover art on this issue of Shonen Jump makes this feel like a truly monumental chapter. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Naruto rapping to himself is not exactly the start I’d hoped for.

P4: What a fantastic spread. Excellently drawn. This is what power looks like, Kubo.

Gargantuan Rasengan? I would love to see this against a different type of opponent.

I shouldn’t be surprised that Naruto can lift Kyuubi, but I admit I am, if only a little. He’s grown so much since the last time we’ve really seen him interact with Kyuubi.

P11: Another excellent action scene. Great use of white space, speed lines, and slight sketch-art. Kubo and Togashi could both take note.

This entire chakra tug-of-war thing may never have been explained, but it’s being used in an interesting fashion.

What?! Out of nowhere, Naruto’s mother. Consider me surprised.

Final Flash: I am legitimately impressed by this chapter. Superb art, good plot progression, and a genuinely interesting twist. It wasn’t flawless, but this chapter proves to me that Kishimoto still remembers how to make enjoyable manga.