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Naruto 500

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Quite the milestone for this series. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, but recent chapters have brought the series back to enjoyable shonen.

Like the supposed symbolism behind Naruto’s orange jumpsuit, the whirlpool symbol on the back is an interesting touch.

Walls of text here. Not too much to comment on. Acceptable writing, at least.

So the Kyuubi was released because of Naruto’s birth? It was Naruto’s fault all along!

You jinxed it, lady

I can’t recall reading a vivid illustration of childbirth in manga before. Didn’t think Naruto would be my first instance of that.

Damn. Naruto’s had a pretty horrible life from day one. Minute one, even.

Final Flash: Nothing amazing, but nothing boring, either. A bit lackluster as a milestone chapter, though.