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Naruto 501

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No more Naruto and Sasuke scenes, please. Even as babies. Actually, especially not as babies.

This is still brutal. Poor Naruto. Nothing goes significantly right for him for a good twelve years.

Manga's unluckiest baby?

I’m admittedly a little confused as to the exact mechanics with which Madara frees the Kyuubi. He uses the Sharingan to peer directly within Kushina right to the Kyuubi, which then somehow strengthens it to the point of breaking the seal himself? The pillars surrounding Kushina don’t seem to have any particular markings that would indicate a jutsu of some kind. I’m willing to accept that Madara is capable of freeing Kyuubi, but I’d appreciate a little more clarity.

It’s unfortunate the only time we get to see Minato in action is when he’s nowhere near fighting at full strength, given his concern for Naruto and Kushina.

Very sad last couple pages.

Final Flash: Fairly good chapter. This flashback has been sad, but its impact has been lessened by Madara’s lack of legitimacy as a villain.