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Naruto 504

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Heartfelt dialogue between Minato and Kushina. This is as emotionally engaging as Naruto has ever been.

The Third Hokage watches on as someone uses the Dead Demon Seal from within the confines of a barrier. Interesting parallel, there.

Incredible piece of action as the Kyuubi pierces both Minato and Kushina, but is stopped just short of Naruto.

Maybe Naruto is a little lucky after all

Unbelievably powerful parting moment between Naruto and his dying parents. Kushina’s motherly speech and Minato’s typically concise reply are perfect complements to each other and to the gravity of the scene. I readily admit to tearing up a little.

True tragedy

Back in pseudo-present time, Naruto thanks his parents and Kushina fades away. Fantastic emotion.

Final Flash: This flashback has been without question some of the very best shonen of the year. This chapter was a suitably magnificent conclusion.