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Naruto 507

[scanlation by Binktopia]

“The long grudge match enters its final chapter!” It seems this will be the true conclusion of the Guy/Kisame rivalry. This will be good timing for it.

As with so many recent Naruto chapters, the grand scale of the artwork is excellently pulled off by Kishimoto.

Excellent massive attacks

It’s so completely satisfying to see Guy standing over Kisame like this, and it’s even better to see him taking absolutely no nonsense from Kisame, either.

What an amusingly direct visual metaphor for mind-reading.

Not exactly subtle

A Kisame flashback likely means that this truly is his last stand.

Morino Ibiki is in Kisame’s flashback. It’s a little puzzling that we haven’t had more exposition of Morino, since the more we learn about the inner workings of Naruto, the more relevant he seems to be.

While I still strongly dislike the Uchiha Madara character, it’s interesting to learn specifics about where he’s been behind the scenes. Seeing him in control of the Mizukage helps to develop his credibility.

If Kisame had the proper awareness and energy to bite his own tongue, why wouldn’t he have done so before leaking as much information as he already has? The flashback establishes him as a character whose priority is the protection of information, and yet he lets so much slip before dramatically cutting the link right as Madara is about to reveal himself. That’s a little too Hollywood to feel consistent with his character.

Final Flash: Good, interesting chapter, and a great fight in full.