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Naruto 510

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment
[scanlation by Binktopia]

As well as Kishimoto has been drawing lately, even he has to be called out for excessive use of speed lines.

The 'speed line to detail' ratio is off

The limitations of Madara’s dimensional transfer ability go a long way to bring some sense of balance to his otherwise seemingly-overpowered nature.

Konan has prepared impressively for this showdown with Madara. Even considering her recent tendency towards trite idealism, she’s easily one of the best females in this series.

Of course, it’s not unexpected that Madara survived Konan’s attack, but it is unfortunate that he’s done so by revealing just how much power he really has. The positives of the limitations on his intangibility are clearly outweighed by his possession of Izanagi.

No, just approaching "broken"

The one-panel mention of Danzou does provide some hope for a logical defeat of Madara: If the “this is not actually Uchiha Madara” theory is true, then this impostor could be another example of someone who boasts “only an incomplete form of Izanagi.” Barring that scenario, though, Kishimoto will be fighting an uphill battle to keep realistic the possibility of someone in the Naruto universe defeating someone with complete control over the power to turn imagination into reality.

On a lighter note, Konan made a rainbow.

The more you know?

Final Flash: Konan is enjoyable, but unfortunate confirmation of Madara’s ridiculous strength makes for a ‘good’-at-best chapter.