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One Piece 580

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Coby and Helmeppo have been taught by Tashigi! That’s excellent.

Shanks has been fighting Kaidou? I’m now even more anxious to meet him.

“If I were to see him now, I’d be breaking our promise.” Harsh but honorable words.

Hancock’s best asset: Her look-down-her-nose pose. I know you were thinking of something else, but this pose is priceless.

Buggy has been the comic relief of this entire arc, but there’s reason to believe he could now become a force.

No Shanks/Mihawk? Damn.

Yasopp’s looking pretty badass there. Well, they all are.

Moria’s expression doesn’t quite fit the surrounding reflection and grief. I mean, it fits him to be like that, but it’s comical.

It’s over.

Final Flash: One Piece is on break next week. One extra week for a sense of finality, then on to an uncertain future. I’m excited.