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One Piece 583

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Loving the cover image. I wouldn’t mind a cover story with these two, or any of the Thriller Bark side characters.

It’s been hundreds of chapters since we got to see any kid Luffy. The shrill sound you hear in the distance is the female portion of the fandom (or the more effeminate males) cooing over how cute he was. Can’t say I disagree, though.

I’m finding distant-Ace interesting.

Sabo, hm? Clearly, we’re going to meet this character all grown up sometime, and hopefully soon. Also, for some reason, he reminds me of a young Setzer.

Porchemy’s tattoo looks slightly similar to the Sunny Pirates emblem.

Luffy lying is hilarious.

Final Flash: Everything I could have asked for from a Luffy/Ace flashback. Assuming the flashback doesn’t last for too many more chapters, this will be a welcome addition to the overall story.