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One Piece 584

Why wouldn’t Crocodile and Daz Bones be walking around with mafioso hippos?

Man, Ace and Sabo were jerks when they were young. Well, at least Ace “was.” Who knows about Sabo, yet.

Luffy was a real man even when he wasn’t a real man. Here’s hoping for some serious retribution against Polchemi.

Oh, good. The kids aren’t so bad, after all.

Well, there’s that retribution. Pretty brutal.

While I’ve questioned the placement of this flashback, the fact that it was withheld until after Ace’s death makes the scene where Ace finally accepts Luffy both touching and haunting.

As if Sabo wasn’t certainly going to become an important character already, he’s now also staying with Dadan? Look for him to feature prominently in some capacity.

Tenryuubito. Things are about to get serious.

Final Flash: I would expect next chapter to be the last chapter of the flashback, which would be acceptable. Given that we know most of what happened to Luffy and Ace after this point, I would expect it to be Dadan or Sabo who gets tangled up with the Tenryuubito.