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One Piece 589

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P5, bottom-right panel: Oh dear. As bittersweet and awkward as some previous flashback moments were, this is just outright heartbreaking.

Zoro cameo!

Finally, time is moving forward. Rather than jumping back directly to the present, though, the short timeskips are a nice touch.

P9: Difficult page. Ace and Luffy imagining that Sabo is watching them is quite sad.

Even if you can’t read kana, who painted which sign should be abundantly clear:

Cute craftsmanship

Makino! Nice to see her every once in a while, even if she’s never had much of a role defined for her.

Even Dadan succumbs to the traditional One Piece crying farewell.

I count three entire Woop Slap panels this chapter.

Crushing final page. Luffy’s sadness feels so much more defined after this flashback. Well done, Oda.

Final Flash: Great chapter. This was an unexpected but quality way to bring the focus back to the present. Overall, it was also a great flashback, but it’s time to move on.