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One Piece 592

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Hooray! Zoro and Perona are next.

Mihawk. Zoro was sent to Mihawk. Absolutely incredible.

It’s so good to see Zoro in action again. His presence has been sorely missed.

Great dialogue between Zoro and Mihawk. They’ve had very little time together, but that time has always been meaningful.

Zoro would have gotten lost on the way to the ocean anyway

The battle Mihawk mentions will surely someday have some kind of significance. Remember this moment.

Good old Nami. A perfect mix of deviousness and true emotion. These individual character scenes are excellent.

Franky’s side story is amazing as well. I like how we’re slowly learning about Vegapunk through small mentions here and there. This is how to appropriately build a future character’s importance.

Urkel was never cooler

How nice to read about the heroic deeds of … Satan-sama.


Final Flash: Fantastic scenes of the crew, most notably Zoro and Franky. Wonderful chapter.