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Psyren 122

June 11, 2010 2 comments
[chapter link]

Asuka seems to have a superior version of Melchsee’s Door.

Nevermind, he’s going Super Saiyan! Or turning into Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)! Or Akuma (Street Fighter series)! Or… generally looking out of place.

He must be doing this at some great cost to himself. He’s just too strong.

Vigo’s still alive! Looking like Elmore might sacrifice herself to save Van and/or Marie.

P16, bottom-center panel: Translators, there is a considerable difference between “kukuku” (evil laughter) and “kkk” (racist organization).

Ahh! Natural sunlight! Actually, I have no idea what happened at the end of the chapter.

Final Flash: Some nice action, and at least one major long-term development (Marie’s kidnapping). It sure feels like a training arc is right around the corner, after this beam of light and before rescuing Marie.