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Psyren 123

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Surprising choice of cover page. As far as I’m aware, Psyren isn’t typically recognized for its women; perhaps Iwashiro wants something done about that. Frederica certainly wants some attention, the way she’s lifting her own dress.

Very organic feel to the way the Tavoo have been drawn in the first couple pages.

P6, bottom panel: Rather difficult to follow exactly what’s going on. I’m aware that an attack is happening, but the massive white beams and sound effects clutter the action.

Disappointing resolution to the Kyle/Delboro fight.

Frederica’s overwhelming strength constantly surprises me. It’s no fault of Iwashiro; it’s more shonen stereotypes playing with my mind.

I’ve never liked when the enemy takes pity on the protagonist to set up a future arc. It demystifies the enemy, weakens the image of the protagonist, and needlessly teases the audience.

Great to see Hiryu rejoin the group. He’s even not one of my preferred characters, but the story has shifted away from the original group considerably. This is a welcome return.

As expected, Elmore may not make it out of this arc alive. While this is important, I hope it doesn’t detract too much from what should be an engaging rescue arc.

Final Flash: Decent chapter and promising outlook, but an unfortunate conclusion to this part of the story. Some major fights were left unresolved.