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Psyren 127

[scanlation by QandA]

Finally, a major opponent for Frederica. She deserves someone strong enough to display her full power against.

Many large-scale attacks going on here. This would be fun to see animated.

Odd scenes of the Wise, particularly Misura. It’s unusual to see much (or any) face time for the Wise apart from general antagonism, given how little has been revealed about them personally.

It’s Kyle! The more these fights become intertwined, the more exciting the action should become.

Awesome has arrived

Absolutely fantastic panels on page 14.

Excellent fight design

Hey, it’s Hunter x Hunter!

Which one's Killua?

Shao and Kabuto should prove to have an interesting combination fighting style if they’re paired up similarly to Frederica and Kyle.

Final Flash: Good action chapter held back by some bizarre introspection from villains who usually stay quiet. Also, it must be said, the translation I used was vague and difficult to read.