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Kimi no Iru Machi 87

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How convenient; Haruto finally remembers to care after the damage is done.

After making us sit through the date with Nagoshi for so long, Kouji might as well have wrapped up her small storyline properly. Instead, Haruto explains that she left. That isn’t proper narration.

Wait a minute… who is this girl again? I feel like I’m supposed to know her. … oh, that’s right, it’s Eba, who we should have seen weeks ago.

Clearly, this isn’t going to go well.

So, it finally happened. I still don’t necessarily believe Eba, and will refuse to believe her outright until we see her supposed new boyfriend, but this is the storyline development that needed to happen. Unfortunately, it needed to happen several weeks ago, so most of the impact is gone.

Final Flash: The author made the audience wait too long; much like real relationship issues, one side’s indecisiveness has soured the whole experience.

Kimi no Iru Machi 86

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P1: Ah, unreasonable expectations.

Of course, Nagoshi is completely misunderstanding the situation. Not just a little. Completely.

Don’t be fooled, Haruto! Let Nagoshi have a bad time!

A haunted house. Cue standard “I’m scared, let me fall into your arms” scene.

Surely Eba is one of these ghosts.

What better way to wrap up an entirely stereotypical chapter than with Haruto falling on Nagoshi and revealing some skin?

Yep, Eba. I take no credit for seeing that coming. Painfully obvious.

Final Flash: Highly disappointing. Romance series can be somewhat derivative, but being outright formulaic is unacceptable.

Kimi no Iru Machi 85

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Well. Hello, Aoi.

Oh, the perils of being a stalker.

Wow. This turn of events is too much of a stretch. Anyone would see the problem with using another girl for this. You can only make your main character so naive before the audience’s suspension of disbelief breaks down.

When Negi adds a harem member, it’s a great occasion. When Haruto adds a romantic interest, it’s frustrating. Show us Eba already.

This entire chapter is following the most basic of romantic comedy formulas. Seo is a better writer than this. What a letdown.

Final Flash: Well, I suppose since Haruto doesn’t want to see Eba with Nagoshi in tow, there’s a 99% chance it will happen. I wish we didn’t have to drag this disappointing storyline to the long-awaited meeting.

Kimi no Iru Machi 84

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Suzuka and Yamato fighting! Cute and unsurprising. Unfortunately, the constant references to Suzuka are beginning to have a negative effect; I’ve enjoyed Kimi no Iru Machi as a whole, but not nearly as much as Suzuka.

For anyone interested, the cast are at a real race track: Tsukuba Circuit, in Ibaraki Prefecture. (Haruto calls it Ibaragi, an apparently common mispronunciation.)

I think I could have done without Kazama being sick. It’s already enough to swap out half the cast of the series midway through; don’t make me care for a whole new set of dramatic circumstances. Couldn’t Kazama just be an aspiring racer?

It’s hard to tell if Kazama is actively trying to push Haruto and Mishima together or only joking.

That ended quickly. Haruto is the one who needed cheering up, not the audience; we don’t need an entire chapter at a race track.

Final Flash: I read a theory online that Kazama is Eba’s new boyfriend. This would be horrible and unnecessary. I’m okay with Kazama and Mishima now, but please, not too much more. Stick to the main storyline.

Kimi no Iru Machi 83

I know Haruto is trying not to become attached to or distracted by anyone here, but he could at least not be a jerk. His time in Tokyo so far has made me think less of him.

Oh, good, Mishima is taking care of that.

I’m sure the author is going to create some romantic tension between these two, given the genre, but I’m finding it difficult to retain interest in the supposed “right” couple since we haven’t so much as seen Eba in so long.

Yeah, there it is. Harem series protagonist innocently calling a girl cute. Never fails.

Final Flash: Eba needs to show her face soon, because between the two-week break and non-chapters like these, this is quickly losing any remaining momentum.

Kimi no Iru Machi 82

Two weeks off felt like a long time for a romance series.

Not sure how I feel about Haruto’s new acquaintances. I have yet to warm up to them.

Oh, Rin-chan.

I know Seo has a distinct art style, but Rin on page 13 looks exactly like Suzuka.

Well then, that will certainly help me warm up to Kazama. Good last few pages.

Final Flash: We have entered the main stretch of standard romance series heart-wrenching. As always, I hope the conclusion will be worth the trouble.