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Toriko 100

[chapter link]
[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

Chapter 100! Celebrate with an appropriate theme song.

Cute cover page. Amusing to see everyone in formal clothing despite being semi-chibi. Good coloring.

It’s been too long without Terry. Hopefully the next adventure will include him.

Toriko is already using the Century Soup as a bargaining tool? That didn’t take long.

The entirety of page 11 is delicious. The Cookie Alpaca is particularly amusing.

Food-beast highlight

P12, bottom-center panel: Coco is coming back! Now if only we’d finally get to meet Zebra.

Don't you want one, too?

Rin is as adorable as ever. She needs to stay part of the main cast.

P18: Just in time, a serious note in this chapter.

Final Flash: No real progression or development in this chapter, but the world of Toriko is fun to explore like this.