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Toriko 107

[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

A little too matter-of-fact about it

The interaction with the Ozone Herb is a great sign for Komatsu’s development and growing importance, while Toriko’s reaction as an observer to Komatsu’s growth is unusually detached and almost melancholy. There’s pride in his internal monologue, but there seems to be a sense of comparative inadequacy, too. Strange.

They are going through Ozone Herbs pretty damn quickly.

Trial and error: The hidden environmental threat

Komatsu managed to figure out the method to open the Ozone Herb leaves. Great chapter for him. Toriko’s response, though, is again a little reclusive and dependent. Perhaps it’s a necessary part of his own character evolution to realize that he can’t face the gourmet world alone, but he’s being uncharacteristically reserved about it.

The footprint was a hint of ominous things to come, after all.

Final Flash: Good Komatsu progress, but a fairly straightforward chapter overall.