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Toriko 108

September 4, 2010 Leave a comment
[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

The Ozone Herb looks unmistakably like a huge tongue.

Toriko and Komatsu, having had to eat a tongue simultaneously, embrace each other immediately afterward. For anyone wondering where the boys-love hints are in this series, look no further.

Those Gourmet Cells certainly needed the Ozone Herb. What an intense and sudden reaction.

Toriko popped the question! (Okay, sorry.) The top-half two-page spread is angled from a great perspective that captures the importance of the moment.

Komatsu’s reaction is a bit over the top. Quite a bit. Also, even more BL hints.

... if you can still call them "hints."

The suspected GT Robo arrives, and Toriko realizes it isn’t a GT Robo. Is it another type of robotic enemy, or could it perhaps be the creature that GT Robos are based on?

Final Flash: Important chapter, but the Toriko/Komatsu combo was already a given, so while the affirmation of that combo was important, it doesn’t carry as much as impact as it intends.