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Toriko 110

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment
[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

Terry! I’ve missed him. I hope he gets to be part of some of these upcoming adventures.

... or not.

Toriko’s display of strength is impressive, but strict damage output doesn’t mean too much in the Toriko universe. That fact in itself, though, is a testament to the quality of the setting.

I’m having a hard time telling what Toriko is drinking.

Ah, yes, thank you

The conversation between the proud Sani and the overeager Toriko carries a great dynamic. Sani shows two interesting sides to himself, as he both pridefully hides his defeat and innately understands his longtime friend enough to know not to stop him. That specific part of the exchange may only take a few panels, but it’s written well enough to convey an interesting relationship.

Toriko is heading into the Gourmet World alone. It may be exciting to see a true test of Toriko’s recent increase in strength, but the fact that he’s leaving his new combo partner behind seems to indicate that he’ll face a fate similar to Sani.

Final Flash: Good enough for a setup chapter, but the real excitement lies in the chapters to come.