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Toriko 94

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Well, that’s one way to start a chapter. Bare ass. Full color, too.

Color spread: So much pink! The large character behind Toriko looks a lot like Blackbeard from One Piece, too.

“And my completely dead three subordinates” is an amusing line. They’re not just dead. They’re completely dead.

Page 5, third row, right panel: Toriko is uncharacteristically adorable here.

Butterfly Therapies… yet more interesting ideas used only in passing. Great touch.

As expected, Setsuna foreshadows an interesting development with the wall penguin child.

Nice to see Toriko walking around casually without an arm. I expect him to get his arm back soon, but in the meantime, this is good.

Onsen Sharks! Creative.

The first person in our world to successfully genetically engineer Diet Fish will make a fortune.

Love that Sani was so focused on himself that he didn’t notice Toriko’s missing arm.

… whoa. I was more right with that Blackbeard comment than I expected. Yosaku is practically the spitting image of Teach. Weird.

Final Flash: Fun transitional chapter with many great new species.