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Toriko 98

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[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

Still chilling, even with the delay between releases.

So much for 20 years for each. Of course, we were never going to wait nearly that long, but it’s relieving to see the determination of both Toriko and Komatsu reinforced by such a quick turnaround.

Shimabukuro was generous enough to create a Toriko icon for everyone, right in this chapter:

How kind.

Adorable scene between Komatsu and the penguin. Toriko’s relationship with Terry was sweet, but Toriko is too manly to be this close to an animal.

Shy little Komatsu is receiving worldwide recognition! This is a major step in his development, and in the progression of the overall story. It was apparent that he would be Toriko’s chef/partner, but until now, he hadn’t truly demonstrated his worth. As far as establishing Komatsu as a legitimately important character, this is an excellent chapter.

(Don?) Patch recommends a bodyguard, even. Surely that will be Toriko himself. Or Rin!

Only Toriko could make soup so tantalizing. Shimabukuro does a fantastic job of conveying taste and sensation through text and imagery.

Fantastic reactions from everyone, especially Komatsu as he watches the others.

Komatsu’s Century Soup is good enough for Toriko’s full course, no less!

Final Flash: Truly, a great Komatsu chapter.