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Toriko 99

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[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

Toriko’s question has shocked everyone out of their Century Soup-induced stupor. This shows the relative importance of a Full Course, specifically in relation to Toriko. The statement of disbelief by Match reinforces this thought.

This is exactly the kind of determination Komatsu has needed to keep up with Toriko. His character would be ruined if he became too strong or confident, but he’s been too much the lackey and not enough the partner to Toriko.

Confident Komatsu

The Century Soup plaque being affixed to Toriko’s Full Course is just begging to be animated. The last hint of a possibility of a Toriko anime was at last Jump Festa; it’s unfortunate we have yet to receive any more word.

Evidently Match lives in the Fist of the North Star part of the world:


Fist of the North Star

The Disease Principal diet is a great concept. Toriko doesn’t exactly make it clear if this diet is exclusive to Aimaru or if others follow it, but regardless, it’s worth being explored further. Hopefully Aimaru will get a little more exposition.

Meanwhile, Sani has been training with Yosaku… and by “training with,” I apparently mean “being destroyed by.” It’s good that Sani’s storyline is proceeding simultaneously. The rest of the Heavenly Kings have been out of the picture for quite some time, given the Ice Hell arc.

More Century Soup faces. Cute.

Final Flash: Important chapter for both Toriko and Komatsu, and some good backstory.