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Fairy Tail 176

More focus on talking cats. Hooray. That’s all this series needs to improve.

So… we had a talking cat. Then a cube guy. Now a cube cat.

Exactly what kind of a hand motion is Nadei making on page 9?

An entire town full of talking cats. What little respect I had for this series and its author is evaporating with each new page.

I guess that hand motion is Nadei’s trademark. Sure, whatever.

Nadei (Fairy Tail)

Gecko Moria (One Piece)

(Okay, okay, I’m trying on that one.)

Someone we thought was good is actually bad! But they’re still good! But… they’re supposed to be bad! sigh.

Nope, sorry. A talking cat’s tears earn no sympathy points.

Final Flash: I remember being excited at the very beginning of this arc, when the Fairy Tail guild house disappeared. How stupid I was.

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