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Gamaran 44

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What?! The only good one wasn’t so good after all? This never happens!

P5, bottom panel: What’s with Naoyoshi’s mouth?

Jinno Ichiou certainly features eye-catching character design. I don’t recall seeing many characters from series in this era with scruffy facial hair.

Ranmaru’s message is the best news in a while. This series needs considerably more Jinsuke. It’s one thing to announce the standard of excellence in a series; it’s another to show it.

Very tired of the “Do you hate me? Then grow stronger”-style of foreshadowing. Those villains rarely turn out to be complete villains, too.

Midou Shingo is reminding me strongly of Gedatsu. Not saying there’s any plagiarism going on, because the hairstyle suits the era; it’s just amusing to picture Gama’s next opponent talking with his mouth closed and failing to cross his arms.

Final Flash: Another Gama fight! It’s about time. Also, excited at the prospect of finally seeing Jinsuke.

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