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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 286

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This week’s cover page: In case you still haven’t noticed Adelheid’s chest.

“You never asked.” was a pretty funny line.

There’s even more of the Reborn who I’ve missed.

The ninth knows all about your fight in the future, which paradoxically shouldn’t happen (have happened?) now.

Robot Roll Ca– er, Upcoming Characters Roll Call!

P12, top-right panel: Literally laugh-out-loud funny. Actually laughed audibly. What a pleasant return to form. Sustain this, please.

Conveniently, Reborn reveals that people will attack Tsuna right before someone attacks Tsuna.

Not liking the hugeness. Anyway, first fight since the future arc.

Final Flash: This is the first big test. Tsuna is reverting to Hyper Mode, where, in the future, he was way too determined and suave instead of cowardly but noble. This fight will go a long way in seeing if Amano can carry over any remnants from the future arc without spoiling what has so far been an enjoyable arc. (By the way, why did Hibari and Adelheid get the cover? They were barely even in this chapter.)

  1. BrokenArrow
    April 15, 2010 at 11:17 pm

    I’m sorely disappointed to see he kept the flames around. I’m glad the boxes are gone, but I’ve got a bad feeling these flames are going to get annoying on their own.

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