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Naruto 491

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What the hell? Why does Naruto have to eat a frog?

Naruto the celebrity will be hard to get used to.

Officially tired of Kage meetings. This is an action series, Kishimoto.

Gaara is further establishing himself as a mature leader. Surprising character evolution.

Same-chapter prediction-to-development is so shallow. The frog says you’ll find the octopus on an island, and mere pages later, Naruto heads to an island.

They finally meet. I’ve already been sick of Bee. This is going to be difficult.

Final Flash: Frogs, a meeting, and a boat ride. Fairly inconsequential chapter.

  1. BrokenArrow
    April 15, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    I’m just glad I’ve got such a large new wealth of black people in anime for the next time I need to name a few. Aside from that though, I’m just glad the series seems to be nearing the end. You know, before things got drawn out and ridiculous.

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