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Bleach 400

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First panel, a roof and no background. Really setting the stage, aren’t you?

I am finding very little to say. I’m not saying shonen must always have recognizable moves with names, but fights must at least be able to be followed. There’s no flow to this fight whatsoever.

Gin’s Bankai isn’t the longest zanpakutou? That’s depressing knowledge. For the record, Kubo, we don’t need or want to see the longest.

Speed lines, white backgrounds, and sword slash cutaways. This chapter is yet another primer on how not to draw manga.

Oh, good. All we needed was for Aizen to power up. How about you write some character development, Kubo?

I suppose it’s appropriate that a milestone chapter was such rubbish.

Final Flash: Horrid. Also, what was the point of showing Matsumoto if she wasn’t going to do anything?

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