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Kaitai Shinsho 0 – 6

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P2, top-left panel: The way the non-bubble Japanese text has been cleaned, it leaves what looks like a heart. Combine that with “Be good to each other” and you have an easily misunderstood panel for anyone skimming through.

I wish every series would simply declare when it’s time for fanservice. At least it’s honest.

Ah, good old “the thing you’re searching for is just a legend” storylines.

Fanservice to cliché to unnecessarily explanatory conversation for the sake of new readers, all within a few pages.

(And right back to fanservice.)

Somehow, I doubt that Narutaki said “Fail.”


Final Flash: Probably the weakest chapter of the series’ short life to date, but still okay. Good to see some villains.

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