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One Piece 582

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One Piece got the Jump cover this week, and it’s nice. Highlights: Mashiro, Jaguar, Kuroko, the trio of Oga (with Beel!) / Yotsuya / Hadesu. Lowlights: Nura (hat doesn’t suit him), Medaka (these breasts are getting out of hand), Ichigo (and his terrible fat-triangle face).

Fantastic color spread. Where’s my poster?

It’s going to be hard to watch Luffy’s reaction.

The fact that we’re back at Amazon Lily lends even more credibility to the idea of Hancock joining the crew. She can properly say her farewells to everyone. Still not sure if it will happen, or if I’d want it to, but I can’t ignore the signs.

I love Bepo more every time we get to see him. Poor talking bear.

I feel horrible for Luffy.

Good time for a flashback. We need to put most of the Ace/Luffy backstory behind us. Also, anything to interrupt Luffy’s agony. This is difficult to read.

Dadan! Officially recognized as their foster mother, too. I have to say, she’s a little… different… from what I expected. Not that that’s a bad thing.

Is this the first time Oda has placed an arc-relevant flashback after its relevant event? I’m so used to seeing flashbacks before fights that this carries even more impact.

Final Flash: A clinic on the benefits of proper character development. I feel genuine sympathy for a fictional character. This chapter is an accomplishment.

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