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Naruto 492

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I’m enjoying Naruto’s reluctance to accept Bee. That fairly well sums up how I feel; he could still impress me, but I’m initially turned off.

Ballad-rapping? No one find inspiration in this, please.

I didn’t know Gai-sensei could get seasick, either. Of course, I didn’t even remember that he was on this trip.

Bee’s house looks more like an ox than his beast.

No, I don’t want Naruto to rap.

I would be happy with more Yamato, though. I’ve yet to find anything to dislike about his character.

We’re really doing this, Kishimoto? We’re going down the “evil twin / embodiment of my faults” route?

Final Flash: Maybe he’ll turn into Paladin Cecil and the series will get better.

  1. Anon_totallybusted
    April 22, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    Nice FFIV plug there.

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