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Fairy Tail 185

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The cover reminds me of what I actually like about this series: jovial, lighthearted action. Not over-the-top comedy, nor feigned emotion. I hope for a cool-down arc after this one.

It’s Batman! Oh, sorry, Gray’s bike looked familiar.

Typical talkative enemy.

The climax of this fight is going to be two guys holding hands?

What was I just saying about over-the-top comedy? It’s not like all the seriousness has to be saved for Natsu’s final fight.

Gray has some pretty cool attacks. It’s a pity he hasn’t been given a real fight in this arc.

Good last page. That’s just the right amount of cleverness that this series, when at its best, is able to offer.

Final Flash: A one-chapter fight. Even if it was silly, I’m pleased with its brevity. Let’s hope for the same with Erza, but I wouldn’t mind a little more time with Gazille.

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